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At M.I.S. students can be guaranteed to receive the best schooling that a child can receive in our friendly, well organized classrooms. Children from as young as three are split into three different levels; Pre K 1, Pre K 2 and Kindergarten. Our classes always have a native teacher and an assistant for maximum supervision.

Our main objective is to make sure your child enjoys being in a classroom environment while at the same time learning to be a good student. Children who receive a solid foundation in our Pre K and Kindergarten classes always seem to enjoy the challenges of learning English as they progress through our higher levels. In Pre K 1 and Pre K 2 there is always at least one lesson per day with a native speaking English Teacher. In Kindergarten we have at least two native speaking English teachers per day.

The English curriculum at Modern International School is uniquely designed for children from 3 to 18 years of age. The program is conducted full time. Children take a placement test with a trained children’s testing specialist and the outcome of the test determines their English level for MIS.

I. Program Features

The Pre-K1, Pre-K 2 and K Programs include materials and teaching methods that suit the needs of young children. Important skills such as phonics and English literacy are part of the program for beginners to give students a sound foundation in their language studies. The students then progress to develop their range of vocabulary. The lessons are highly visual and incorporate movement and staged activities which support the students in their learning. It is not a requirement for the programs students to be literate in English before they start classes at MIS.

All of the learning takes place in a supportive and fun atmosphere. Your kids enjoy learning English through practising interesting tasks. At this age children not only need to acquire language, but also need assistance with developing their cognitive abilities, motor skills and social interaction.

II. Materials


MIS uses an innovative and fun series of textbooks for this Program. This series ensures the students receive a comprehensive start to their language learning, in a fun environment. The material takes advantage of young students’ enquiring minds and engages them in exciting activities in a supportive atmosphere.


III. Class Size

A maximum of 25 students is permitted in the Children’s Program at MIS.



IV. Teachers on the Programvlcsnap-2014-10-22-08h22m03s159
Students are taught by all native speakers with Cambodian teacher assistants. All of the teachers have a university degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and so are well-trained and knowledgeable in the specialised area of teaching English to young children. MIS ensures that teachers have high quality skills and ability by providing regular professional development for all teaching staff. The focus of this professional development for CP teachers is on the skills needed to teach this young age group.

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