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          M.I.S.  knows that art is important for our children; we simply believe it is important because we've seen our children deeply involved in art. Creating art expands a child's ability to interact with the world around them, and provides a new set of skills for self-expression and communication. That’s why M.I.S. also provides some extracurricular art subjects for your children to choose:

1. Guitar

         Learning how to play the guitar is very advantageous. For example, it enhances your children’s brain. Moreover, guitar requires a lot of memorization. You kids will memorize chord charts, scales, note patterns, and entire songs. Learning how to play the guitar will improve your children’s playing and is actually surprisingly fun.

         In addition, it will make your children more outgoing. No matter how shy they may be, getting in front of a crowd and playing guitar will help your kids be a little more outgoing.

2. Piano

         Likewise, playing the piano stimulates many areas of the brain. Coordination is learned by reading notes from a page while simultaneously moving your fingers along the keyboard. Each hand can also independently play different pieces of music and your children’s brain is telling them what to do.

         Learning how to play the piano at M.I.S enables your kids to pour their emotions into playing, giving stress an outlet and relaxing the mind and body. There are few things as rewarding as playing the piano and knowing you have accomplished it. It is a big confidence boost.

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