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When a child reaches Grade 1 at M.I.S. they will notice things are beginning to change. Now all teachers are native speaking English teachers from countries such as the USA, England, Australia and Canada.

While we make sure our children will always enjoy learning English there is less time for games and more time spent on the finer points of learning English. Your child's day is split into three different subjects. One hour is spent on conversation, listening and grammar. Another hour is spent on reading skills and a third hour is spent on writing English.

Also in Grade 1 we introduce our students to computers. Our students study one hour per week in Grades 1 and 2. In Grade 3 and above, our students study computers for two hours per week. Each year M.I.S. will choose at least two students from grades 3 to 6 and present them with international scholarships. These scholarships are provided free of charge and our students get the chance to visit and study in another country such as Australia or New Zealand.

Program Features

This program offers students the opportunity to learn higher level of English and continue to consolidate and broaden their knowledge and understanding of themselves and the world. This is achieved by linking their English language learning to broader educational goals with direct connections to other school subjects. This provides M.I.S’s young learners with an authentic reason for communicating in English in their classroom.


M.I.S uses an innovative and engaging series of textbooks for this Program.  This series ensures the students receive a solid foundation in the language with all macro-skills: Reading Comprehensive, Writing Skills, Conversational Skills and Computer Skills. The material requires students to perform various communicative language tasks to ensure that they can remember and, most importantly, use the skills they learn in a supportive environment when they are outside the classroom.

Class Size

A maximum of 25 students is permitted in this program.

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